War begins in the name of defence
War rewards the weapons industry
War quickly becomes uncontrollable
War is easier to start than to end
War wounds not only soldiers but also the elderly and children
War cuts not only the body but leaves scars deep inside the heart
The mind is not an object to be manipulated
Life is not a pawn to be played
The sea is not to be lost amid military bases
The sky is not to be erased by fighter planes
We would rather live in a country that is proud of its wisdom
than in a country that thinks shedding blood is the contribution
Scholarship is not a weapon of war
Scholarship is not a tool of business
Scholarship is not a servant of power
To create
To protect
A place to live
The freedom to think
We will strike against this conceited power





わが子からはじまる クレヨンハウス・ブックレット17『自由と平和のための京大有志の会声明書 』